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Akashic Records and Past Lives

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Akashic Records and Past Lives

Akashic Records

All that you have done throughout time, what you have learned, who you have influenced, how you have lived your lives, all of this information is recorded and available in the Akashic Records.

In the Akashic Records you will also find the history of your relationships to people in your life today, what you have learned from each other, karmas that are still waiting to be balanced, and life lessons that you are going through.

Some past life experiences can filter through this life in the way of phobias and aversions, and also in the way of abilities such as in music or the arts, maybe even in politics or science. When a past life filters through into this life you may experience a powerful impulse towards something, such as the small child that gravitates towards a piano, or an impulse that repels you from something such as the person who is paralyzed with fear over spiders.

When the life that filters through is influencing you in a negative way it is helpful to bring the past life to the surface so that it can be balanced and the negative energy be transmuted. In recalling past lives, whether it is in a channeling, regression or meditation, it is important to focus on the present time as your point of power.

Many times the only reason to recall a past life is because somewhere in your life today you are experiencing a similarity to that past life. It could be that you have been in this situation before, or that you just met someone that you have loved before, or that something about your current situation imitates another life. Regardless of the details of the past life, it is important to bring all experiences to the present time and use that information to propel you in the right direction. The now is always your point of power.


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