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What is karma?

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What is karma?

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Karma is the consequence of our actions. It is commonly thought that karma is the result of our bad actions, in reality, karma is the consequence of our actions, thoughts, and intentions, good or bad, whether in this life or throughout past lives. Karma can be good, positive karma or bad, negative karma.

Karma can be good, positive karma or bad, negative karma. Negative karma is the result of the misuse of power or energy. This happens when we influence others in a negative way or when our actions have a negative effect on others. When this happens we leave a negative imprint on the world and this remains as a weight that can hold you back until it is balanced.

There are several ways to balance negative karma such as visualizing the violet fire and doing violet flame decrees. Violet flame decrees are meant to be said with our own voice. Other ways to balance negative karma are through offering prayer for the world or for a particular cause, or through charitable actions.

Good karma is the result of our good actions. When we have good karma in an area of our lives we find that we excel in that area and that most things that relate to that area come easily. We may also find that we have good, positive karma on areas where we find ourselves in situations that influence many in a positive way, as it is with artists, teachers, and politicians.

Knowing in which areas we have karma can help us purify and move through spiritual lessons. Once we know where we have karmic responsibility we can consciously balance that area and this, in turn, can free us to move forward on our spiritual path.


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