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The journey to your highest spirituality starts with spiritual protection practices, purification of your energy and your desire and intention to get closer to your highest spiritual expression. Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing and Spirit Guide channeling are helpful spiritual tools that can help you reach your highest spiritual goals.

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Reiki Energy Healing

In a Reiki Energy Healing session I use traditional Reiki techniques together with crystals and other different methaphysical techniques to balance chakras, purify and elevate your energy. Everyone experiences Reiki differently. Most feel...


Reiki en Miami, Doral, FL

Soy Reiki Master y trabajo con metodos tradicionales de Reiki combinados con otros metodos de Sanacion Energetica y Espiritual. La energía que corre a travez de nosotros puede congestionarse y causar un bloqueo energético que...


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