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The journey to your highest spirituality starts with spiritual protection practices, purification of your energy and your desire and intention to get closer to your highest spiritual expression. Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing and Spirit Guide channeling are helpful spiritual tools that can help you reach your highest spiritual goals.

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Channeling, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Readings

During a spiritual reading, I channel my higher self and spirit guides. The guidance is always kind, positive and insightful. The goal is always to make available to you information from the highest source, so that this may help you on your spiritual path.

My sessions are not psychic readings. As a trance medium my spirit guides offer soul level spiritual guidance through me, so during a channeling, you will be speaking directly with my spirit guides. My spirit guides offer spiritual guidance that can help you understand where you are coming from and where you are going with respect to many aspects of your life such as your connection to God or your Higher Power, relationships, career, health and many other areas. This spiritual guidance helps you through your spiritual development and growth.

About Future Probabilities

During a channeling you can ask about events in the future. Most times you will receive information about the probability of one option over another. As you review with your own guidance the information you receive, it is important to know that we are all here in a free-will zone, this means that other’s free will as well as our own process of changing, growing and spiritual learning have a great influence on the outcome of events in the future.

The probabilities you receive a channeling represent a snapshot of what looks strong or weak for you at the time of the reading. Some probabilities are very much set in our paths and other probabilities may be weak, therefore to some extent many future probabilities can be influenced by your own thoughts, intentions, actions, as well as another’s free will and influence on you.

What to expect in a Channeling

The information received during a channeling is a powerful gift. I am humbled by the channeling process and grateful for the spiritual guidance that has chosen to work through me. Sitting in a channeling to receive messages from spirit guides and beings of light is a heart warming and uplifting experience. Many describe the experience as if you were listening for advice from a wise and respected old friend.

In a spiritual reading I first go into a deep meditation which brings me to a trance state, this way my higher self and spirit guides can work through me to bring you the information you seek. This process is transparent to the person in front of me. I will usually go into a partial trance or altered state of consciousness where I am aware of the topic being discussed and the vibration of the information transmitted and could have a total or partial recollection of the information exchanged.

Each channeling is a co-creation between the medium offering the reading and the person that seeks the information. As we open the session I ask that you open up to your own inner guidance and intend for you to gain the most out of your session. I encourage you to feel empowered by the information and guidance received. Always know that you also have your own inner guidance available to you, this inner guidance is a small but consistent voice that guides you from within. The information offered by my spirit guides in a channeling can help bring this inner guidance to the surface.

I ask that you prepare a list of 10-12 questions before your appointment. Your questions can be about your relationships with partners, family or friends, your business or your job, health, career, or any topic that may be of interest to you. If you are interested in the information available on the Akashic Records you can also include questions about significant past lives, karmic patterns in this life that relate to past lives, past life connections to people currently in your life, life lessons you are currently going through, or anything else that you are interested in. Besides bringing your list of questions I ask that you review the spiritual protection instructions in the Spiritual Tools section before building your list of questions and on the day of your appointment, this will help you benefit the most from your session.

In a channeling you will receive a large amount of information. I highly recommend that you bring a recorder to your session, that way you can relax into the channeling without the pressure of taking notes. If you are only listening and you involve yourself in the energy of the information being exchanged your energy can open up to receive the information in the most productive way for you.

Before you make an appointment I ask that you read through my website and see if the type of reading I offer is what you are looking for. For some people a tarot reading, psychic reading or another type of divination method is more appropriate for what they need, these are not services I provide but you can follow your intuition as you seek these other types of services.

Please note that most of the time your appointment will be scheduled a few days or weeks in advance. My schedule does not allow me to take same day appointments. Each channeling session is 45 minutes, this will give you enough time to ask about 10-12 questions. To schedule an appointment please go the appointments section on the top of this page and select the day and time that fits your schedule. Please make sure that you wait for an appointment confirmation which you will receive sometime after making your appointment online. You can also request an appointment through email or by calling my office at 305-814-3388 .

If there is a pressing question and you feel you need guidance within a shorter timeframe or if you are looking for a short one topic reading I also offer email readings. Email readings are intuitive readings and are typically answered within a day or two. For more information about short intuitive email readings please email me or visit the FAQ section.

Difference between psychic readings, mediums and divination methods

Spirit mediums, psychics and intuitives using other divination methods all work in different ways. When we use divination tools such as i ching, tarot cards, rune stones, pendulums, tea leaves, or other methods, spirit influences the layout of what is drawn in the cards, stones, or the instrument used for divination, the reader then interprets the results.

Another way to access information from spirit is through psychic readings where the psychic connects to your energy field and reads or interprets this information for you. In a psychic reading, the reader can also use inner sight or clairvoyance and interpret the images received, while others can hear, feel or intuit the information. Many readers incorporate divination methods and psychic abilities in their readings to interpret the information received. These methods are all valid and effective if they are used correctly and with the highest intent.

In a channeling I work primarily with my spirit guides as a trance medium. My readings are not psychic readings. As trance medium, I work with my spirit guides to bring you the information you seek, the information you receive is soul level information. Soul level information refers to patterns you are working through, life lessons that will bring you closer to your highest expression, karmas that you are balancing, significant links with others that carry through not only this incarnation but other lives as well.

To schedule an appointment please visit the appointments section on the top of this page, email me call 305-814-3344.


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