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The journey to your highest spirituality starts with spiritual protection practices, purification of your energy and your desire and intention to get closer to your highest spiritual expression. Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing and Spirit Guide channeling are helpful spiritual tools that can help you reach your highest spiritual goals.

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Reiki and Amethystine Healing

I practice the healing modality called Amethystine Healing, which is a combination of Reiki techniques, spiritual healing and other energy purification and recharging methods. As Reiki Master I use Reiki techniques as well as other energy clearing methods to work through your energy centers and facilitate the flow of energy through them, unblocking, releasing and balancing the energy as needed. I may also use crystals to hold the energy, as well as clear and balance the chakras.

The energetic flow that runs through our bodies can be affected by stress, traumatic events, emotional trauma, environmental causes, outside energetic influences, and many other factors. This may show in our body as headaches, body discomfort or pain, anxiety, tension, illness and many other physical and emotional symptoms. People who are frequently exposed to stressful situations can feel their energy drained as well. When one or more of our energy centers are blocked this affects the body’s normal energy flow, and eventually, this blockage is reflected on the physical body.

Another aspect of energy healing has to do with past romantic relationships or emotionally charged relationships with family or friends that can form leaks in your energy field. These sometimes show in your energy as continuous energy links that can be draining to you and can cause you continually think about the person or situation not letting you distance yourself enough to be able to recover and review the events from a more neutral place. During a healing, I go into these open links and sever the energy drain. This will not bring the relationship to an end, but instead, will bring you to a more neutral point from which you can make better decisions about relationships and how much energy you are willing to give into them.

While Reiki and other healing energy work methods are not intended to be the only treatment, these methods are highly effective as complements to other treatments whether it be western, eastern or other alternative medicine. Reiki energy healings are done in my office in Miami, Doral, Florida. I also offer remote energy healing sessions by appointment.

What to expect in an Amethystine Healing

I use traditional Reiki techniques while I work the energy a few inches away from the body. I find this method is very effective in moving the energy, purifying, clearing and balancing the chakras. I may also use crystals to aid in the balancing of the energies, the chakras and in the healing. Some people will feel a flow of energy running through them during the session, this can feel a tingling sensation, or as a feeling of warmth while others report a feeling of changing pressure from one energy area to the next. Each person experience is different depending on the energies that we are working with. After most sessions you will feel revitalized and relaxed.

Spiritual Clearing

In each healing, I also incorporate spiritual clearing. Many times our aura is loaded with energetic residue that does not belong in our energy field, this residue drains our energy and influences our emotional state. Spiritual clearings are especially important for people who are spiritually aware and for those people that are surrounded by people who are experiencing emotionally charged or difficult situations, or for people who are exposed to a great amount of stress. Spiritual clearings start with the purification of the auric field with various metaphysical techniques. Once the aura is purified, we balance your energy with the metaphysical complement most appropriate to your energy configuration.

Clearing of homes and offices

Just as it happens to people, places such as homes, offices, and even just sections of a large open area can absorb and carry the energy of past events especially if these events occur with a strong emotional charge. Places that are heavy in energy can make sensitive people feel uncomfortable, irritated, upset or tired. When clearing the energy in homes and places of business I work with energy clearing and spiritual blessings to bring the energy back to balance. If any entities or wondering spirits are present I can locate them clairvoyantly and address them or remove them as needed. Places of work and homes can be cleared leaving the area feeling less dense, and easier to be in.

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