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The journey to your highest spirituality starts with spiritual protection practices, purification of your energy and your desire and intention to get closer to your highest spiritual expression. Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing and Spirit Guide channeling are helpful spiritual tools that can help you reach your highest spiritual goals.

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While some dreams are your mind’s way of releasing frustrations over situations encountered throughout your day, other dreams are windows to your inner self. The interpretation of a dream is as individual as you are. There are no generic interpretations for any of the symbols in your dream, unless you have decided to adopt a generic interpretation as your own.

Some dreams are practice runs for different scenarios or changes that you are considering in your life. This type of dream allows you to play out and feel alternatives to what you are currently experiencing. Recognizing and paying attention to these dreams can help you in your daily decision process and it can also help you better understand situations and people around you.

Dreams can also represent situations from past lives. When this is the case these dreams are past life experiences being recalled. Evaluating these dreams can bring up past life traumas or karmas, or can point out events in your life right now that may be linked to past lives. Many times just making this connection can start the healing process.

It is possible to meet with souls that have passed, ancestors and other souls that we are connected to during the dreamtime.

We can learn, grow and evolve spiritually while we sleep. To facilitate this process make the intention before sleeping of being guided by beings of light during the night and ask to be taken to temples of light to be taught by Ascended Masters. Most times you will assimilate the experience and message of a dream whether you remember your dreams or not. The underlying lesson or message stays in the background and influences your day to day decisions in a way that may not be perceived by you or those around you. However, if you can remember a dream and make a connection between the dream and their message, this connection can bring you a clear perspective on many situations in your life.

We can greatly benefit from investigating and assimilating in a more conscious way our dreams. The type of dream that stays in our memory for a while, as well as recurrent dreams and dreams that provoke strong emotions, are important dreams to interpret. You can ask about recurrent or significant dreams in a channeling.

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