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How to develop your Intuition

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How to develop your Intuition

A lot of the people I speak to want to know how to develop their abilities and intuition. There is a base level of abilities that a person is naturally born with, from then on you can choose to work on yourself and develop your abilities or you can choose to ignore them.

For people born with strong intuition and mediumistic abilities it is important that they become aware and learn basic protection techniques, otherwise, they can experience symptoms that can appear to be emotional and mental imbalances, but in reality, their condition is really a consequence of spiritual imbalances.

In my experience, I have found that there are two major factors that will influence the degree to which you will develop your intuitive abilities:

  1. Your spiritual protection work: The foundation of any spiritual work is spiritual protection. Without spiritual protection you are exposed to any number of external influences that can change your intuitive readings. A person with intuitive abilities and without spiritual protection skills will encounter more erroneous readings, will incur karma if they offer others wrong information about their intuitive impressions, and may become discouraged from pursuing the development of their intuition.
  2. Your connection to God: Your natural state of being is to know, to have intuition, to receive divine guidance. Your desire to connect to your Higher Power and the work you do on yourself to balance your karma, together with your effort to be of service to the light and expand your knowledge of spiritual topics brings you to a much higher level of understanding that in turn raises your level of consciousness. As you grow in your knowledge, devotion, and Love of God you move closer to this natural state of being in which there are no barriers for you to express all that you are, in God.

Making a commitment to your spiritual development is hard work. It not only requires dedication and focus, but it also requires making the changes in yourself that will bring you to enough harmony to allow for this connection to God to be revealed.

The glue that holds all this together is harmony. Once you make a commitment to a spiritual protection routine and to your spiritual development, if you hold yourself in enough harmony you will experience divine guidance daily. This may show up in your life through your intuitive impressions, new opportunities revealed, new ideas and solutions.

It is important to know that the intuition that leads you to know what is right for you is always available, what changes is your ability to perceive it.



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